We deliver sophisticated land-based, online and mobile systems for top gaming technology firms around the world.

We are a reliable partner to our customers, assembling dedicated teams that work seamlessly with them. Our expert, results-oriented programmers have a proven track record of performing in the high-paced environment of the gaming industry and successfully delivering, on time and on budget, the solutions our customers need to remain ahead of their competitors.

We can develop and scale your concept quickly and give your gaming experts the ability to play the game, to make sure it meets your requirements and the needs of the market.

We specialize in:
  • C++ / DirectX / Open GL
  • HTML 5 / Pixi.js / Pixi-Native
  • Unity
  • Windows/Linux/Mobile
  • 2D/3D Art / Character Development / Animation
  • Porting games from land-based to the online world
  • Games for mobile can be implemented as native apps or browser-based HTLM5 applications
Own configuration-based slot engine:
  • Defines layout and effects
  • Market Editor defines local rules and languages
  • No rebuilding required to reskin or change game math
  • Works with Windows and Linux (DirectX and OpenGL)
  • Supports slots, poker and Keno
  • Allows games to be made and moved to multiple markets quickly

In addition to providing a sound customer experience, games must be designed to work on different systems and to meet all regulatory requirements. 1PT has ample experience in working with mobile, online-gaming, and land-based SBG systems worldwide. We know how to design tests around the interoperability of those systems and different types of devices.

Our game development team has 70+ years of Combined experience.
We take care of both the Technological and Aesthetic aspects of the game.
We offer a 24/7 operational support service for all gaming solutions.
We can assist you with the following:

We have experience working with SBG systems worldwide and know how to design tests around the interoperability of those systems. Additionally, we can customize an automated test engine to verify game processes and ensure the game is working as designed. We have also a very strong software Quality Assurance and user experience testing practice.

Pre-live system and operation setup
  • Installation and configuration of all software components
  • Setup, maintenance, and troubleshooting
Operating systems and Platform support
  • Maintenance of OS environment as per system requirements, coordination of changes in the OS environment, IP, and firewall plan according to system needs
  • Controlled application of system reliability and security updates (including for any relevant 3rd party software), in accordance to software vendors and system software requirements
Database support and maintenance
  • Database monitoring, system upgrades and other major changes, performance issues and optimization
  • Regular database maintenance
  • Management of all security aspects of the system at database system level
Online gaming platform support
  • Online gaming platform application level monitoring
  • Application maintenance upon request or as regular maintenance tasks
  • Performance of data and system analyses
  • Provision of a business continuity and disaster recovery plans in cooperation with 3rd parties
  • System performance analyses
  • Deployment of SW patches and major server-based gaming system upgrades
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