1PT is a group of technology companies founded in 2013. It includes service and product companies, located in Estonia, Georgia, Poland, and the UK.

1PT offers a full cycle of software development services across most industries, technologies and markets. We strengthen your team with our talented developers, under top-caliber technical leadership & oversight. We can provide an entire team or fill your gaps by augmenting an existing team with the specific skills you desire.

Our services range from Software Development and Quality Assurance (check out our skilled QA Lab) to Conceptualization and original Content Creation (2D/3D art, animation and sound). For best results, we assemble a dedicated team for your business. We take pride in our ability to solve your technology problems on time and on budget.

Our game development studio creating a new generation of multi-channel, innovative games. Our developers and designers work side by side to make visually stunning and technologically advanced gambling games for both land-based and online.

Our Mission
To provide you with talent, tools, and processes to build the right technology for your business

Key People

Bill Zycinsky, Chief Executive Officer at 1PT
Bill Zycinsky Chief Executive Officer
"We deliver quality consistently"
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The founder and CEO of 1PT Group, Bill has more than 30 years of first-hand experience delivering effective tech solutions to leading firms in highly competitive industries, such as gaming, banking and e-learning.

Bill has proven time and again his ability to assemble and nurture talented teams that drive outstanding results for customers and partners alike.

When it comes to getting your business ahead of the pack, Bill’s dynamic and success-oriented leadership is a safe bet.

Lena Zycinsky, COO, Art Director of Game Studio at 1PT
Lena Zycinsky COO, Art Director of Game Studio
"Always be better"
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Lena has been instrumental in the founding and continued development of the 1PT Group. Overseeing all administrative functions, Lena ensures efficiency across all operations and establishes policies that promote our company’s strong culture and vision.

Her creativity and passion for the arts have translated into initiatives that allow 1PT to stand out on the creative front. It also shows in her motivational approach to management, constant thrist for improvement and a keen eye for new opportunities to grow.

Lena is an established artist and author.

Stuart Pounder, Managing Director of Game Studio at 1PT
Stuart Pounder Managing Director of Game Studio
"Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen."
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Passionate about producing exclusive next-generation games for both retail and digital, Stuart is a seasoned gaming executive with a tremendous industry knowledge.

With years of experience in key roles at some of the UK’s leading gaming companies, he comes with an unparalleled vantage point into trends and technical and operational challenges of this competitive industry. His dynamic leadership style and creativity allow for continuous expansion of the Studio’s output.

Tatyana Sokolovskaya, Admin Director at 1PT
Tatyana Sokolovskaya Admin Director
"No task is too small"
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As Admin Director, Tatyana overlooks the smooth execution of day-to-day operations of our office in Belarus.

Her results-driven approach to management allows for 1PT’s employees to focus on their core tasks with the total confidence that all the rest is taken care of.

Anastasiya Zakharchuk, Talent Acquisition Manager at 1PT
Anastasiya Zakharchuk Talent Acquisition Manager
"What separates the talented individual from the successful one is a lot of hard work."
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Anastasiya joined 1PT Group in 2019 bringing to the company her extensive experience in areas such as human resources, corporate law and operations.

She is responsible for setting up recruiting procedures that help attract, screen and enroll highly qualified candidates.

Oksana Sazonova, Senior HR Manager at 1PT
Oksana Sazonova Senior HR Manager
"People are the greatest wonder"
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Oksana is a trained psychologist with extensive experience in the field of HR. Prior to joining 1PT, she spent over 15 years managing human resources at one of the world’s largest banks.

Making sure that each employee finds the tools and environment to flourish personally and professionally is the focal point of Oksana’s focus at 1PT.

Maksim Varchenia, Project Manager at 1PT
Maksim Varchenia Project Manager
"Nothing happens until something moves."
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A lawyer by background with strong experience in development and program management. Previously Head of Department in High Tech Park.

Since joining 1PT Group, Maksim has made an impact through continuous improvement of project tracking and development processes.

Maksim Podrezenko, Director of Engineering at 1PT
Maksim Podrezenko Director of Engineering
"Remove roadstones from the development team's journey to deliver value."
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Maxim is a process-driven executive with over a decade of experience in management of software teams.

A people-focused leader driving change within organisations and a reputation of building high quality teams that deliver.

Maxim is a detailed-oriented problem solver capable of managing multiple programs from concept to fruition.

Ivan Klimchuk, Engineering Manager at 1PT
Ivan Klimchuk Engineering Manager
"Each person has arms, legs, head, and 168 hours a week to do whatever he really wants to do."
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In his career growth through years at 1PT Group, Ivan has made a significant contribution towards the expansion and longevity of one of our most long-term projects.

Responsible for nurturing the well-being of this large scale engineering department, Ivan is an open-source enthusiast and MODX technology guru exchanging technology expertise at meetups and conferences all over the world.

Maryia Salauyova, QA Manager at 1PT
Maryia Salauyova QA Manager
"If you never ask, the answer is always no."
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Maryia has extensive experience testing gaming products and designing test programs and acceptance test programs in variety of markets worldwide.

Passionate about quality assurance, Maryia has a number of certifications. She has organised a corporate QA community where anyone can share knowledge as well as seek opinions on the issues they are trying to solve.

Aleksej Tikhanovich, Engineering L3 Support Manager at 1PT
Aleksej Tikhanovich Engineering L3 Support Manager
"I consider my sense of humour and humility to be my best character traits."
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With his 5+ years at 1PT, Aleksej has grown to lead support for one of our largest customers.

A technical expert and a keen team player, Aleksej invests energy in building and maintaining an atmosphere of friendliness and respect, while ensuring productivity and unbeatable reliability of our support programs.

Alesia Abramovich, QA Manager at 1PT
Alesia Abramovich QA Manager
"Treat others the way you want to be treated."
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Accountable for identifying code misfunctions and inspecting the procedures, Alesia manages a number of QA subdivisions to allow for consistant quality of the released products.

Her broad testing experience enables her to lead by example, while paying special attention to the atmosphere of trust and support among her teams. She takes pride in her teams’ ability to solve the trickiest of cases while taking the most dedicated care about what they do.

Our Values

  • We challenge ourselves every day to be better.
  • We deliver personal success by helping our teams give the best out of themselves.
  • Our teams go the extra mile.
  • We focus on identifying, nurturing and delivering talent.
  • Our investment in knowledge and skills-building helps our partners take their business to the next level.
  • Our success is built upon delivering high quality consistently.
  • Our reputation is founded upon delivering on time and on budget.
  • We treat our customers as partners.
To create technology for the world while delivering personal, team and business growth.

We have been delivering solutions to 70 markets worldwide, with a focus on the EU, the UK and the US.