We have a proven track record of enabling the delivery of great e-learning experiences with a positive social impact.

E-Learning uses digital technologies to provide students with educational content and the related evaluation tools. E-learning solutions and apps are very flexible and can be used from anywhere in the world by millions of people, simultaneously and remotely.

Since 2013, we have been developing educational software for our partners in the EU, the UK and the US, making it possible for their users to get access to the most flexible e-learning channels.

We develop multichannel e-learning platforms to perform various forms of testing and learning, including tools for user administration, progress monitoring and results analysis.

Why 1PT
Why 1PT?

We have the development tools, professional resources and expertise to develop highly usable and performing e-learning platforms for the education, healthcare and banking industries, always in line with your requirements.

Our success stories in e-learning include some large-scale, socially significant projects. They say it all about our expertise and how we go the extra mile when working with our partners. Millions of people, from Japan to Canada, are using solutions developed by 1PT to empower those eager to learn and help them test their skills and competence in their subjects of study.

We create:
  • Corporate e-learning portals
  • E-learning management systems (LMS)
  • Mobile e-learning apps
  • Students performance reporting systems
  • Custom testing and evaluating platforms
Other eLearning Solutions:
  • Online Communication Software
  • Game-Based Learning Platforms
  • Real-Time Simulations Systems
  • Quiz Apps
Who we serve:
  • Registered training organizations
  • Governmental institutions
  • Educational establishments
  • Corporate training centers
  • Small and medium enterprises and startups
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Transparent development process

We use well established development processes on all our e-learning projects. Our developers follow best industry practices such as

  • Unit Testing
  • Feature testing
  • CI/CD
  • Code Review
  • Statistical Analysis of Code
Performance tracking

We use Scrum methodology to track our developers’ performance and, as a partner you would always be in direct communication with us. We are a “Safe hands’’ company with strong quality control procedures in place:

  • Analysis of code
  • Code review
  • Automation testing
We support the most popular e-learning standards in our development process:

SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 are still supported by all the major LMS’. These standards do not provide the latest features, but there is a lot of e-learning content made with them.


Also known as “Tin Can” and Experience API, this format is a newer, better version of SCORM. It’s a very mobile-friendly and javascript-independent API with well-balanced reporting.


One of the most flexible and easiest ways to connect e-learning software with all kinds of external applications.

Some of the technologies we use:
Some of the technologies we use
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