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Bill Zycinsky in ProBusinessIn today’s issue of ProBusiness, a Belarusian publication for entrepreneurs, OnePoint’s Managing Director Bill Zycinsky shares his experiences of doing business in Minsk.

Published in Russian, the article talks about Bill’s background, his core believes and values, the story of our company and why Minsk was chosen to be its home.

Here are some of Bill’s quotes from the article:

“I didn’t just want to become an entrepreneur. I wanted to create an environment that would be pleasant for me and my colleagues. The environment of mutual respect and team spirit.”

“I have noticed that candidates tend to have stereotypes about what kind of boss I’ll be, while our international customers may have stereotypes about what Belarusians are like. New comers often expect me to be a completely different kind of person. Sort of authoritarian, closed to a dialogue. But the stereotypes break as soon as we get to know each other.”

all company“I like to compare the process of development with running a marathon. In other countries, developers typically work in stages. Run, stop, walk slowly. Then run again, then stop again. A Belarusian developer will not run, but he won’t stop either. Instead, he will walk to the finish line. A stable, steady pace of the Belarusian developer is great for providing a final product of high quality.”

To read the full version of the article in Russia, please click here.