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OnePoint Expands the PHP Development Team

The new OnePoint team

It’s with great pleasure that we announce further expansion of OnePoint’s PHP team that works on the e-testing platform, a cutting-edge interactive education solution that our company has had the pleasure of working on since the opening of our development centre in Minsk.

The team consists of Senior Backend Engineers, Senior AWS DevOps Engineers and QA Specialists. More information about the vacancies can be found here.

Mikhail Kamarouski, Lead Software Developer

said, «The product we are working on redefines digital assessment industry.  I’ve been working on it from the start here in Belarus and I have always found new and interesting problems to solve. It’s cool when the team is growing, because with it comes a possibility to take on emerging technical challenges that arise. Our new teammates add on expertise to help build an even more reliable software and deliver complex services to customers. Interesting tasks, useful solutions, satisfied users, what can be better?»

About the project

This platform enables the creation and delivery of effective and engaging computer-based tests online. It is supports a wide range of question types from simple multiple-choice items to complex problem solving; it can be easily deployed on any scale – whether within a classroom or across multiple continents.