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OnePoint Enters High Tech Park Belarus!


We are thrilled to announce that our efforts to join the prestigious list of Hi-Tech companies have been finally crowned with success and now OnePoint is officially a resident of High Tech Park Belarus!

Bill Zycinsky, the Managing Director at OnePoint said:

“In the four years since OnePoint opened its doors in Belarus, and thanks to all the great professionals with whom we have worked here, our company has grown from a team of two developers to a thriving business of 70+ people. To be accepted at the HTP Belarus is an important milestone for us, and we would like to thank the HTP staff, particularly Maxim Varchenia, for his continuous support and guidance. We look forward to a successful cooperation with the Park delivering innovative technology to the world.”

About HTP

During the last years the Information and communications technology sector in Belarus receives strong government support and is one of the top-priority economic sectors to develop. Thus, by the special Law issued in 2005, Belarus Hi-Tech Park was established with the main goal to support software industry. HTP Belarus provides special business environment for IT business. Now, any company engaged in IT and related industries,  information protection and establishment of data processing centers can apply for residency within the HTP and benefit from tax-incentives and other advantages it provides.

First residents were registered in 2006. Currently, 238 companies are registered as HTP residents. And OnePoint is one of them!