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New Vacancy: DirectX C/C++ Game Developer


Who you are
A DirectX C/C++ “rock star”. 3+ years of experience in game development, with a working command of English and a passion for creating games.

What you will be doing
Working with C++ and DirectX/D3D, among other technologies, you will be building complex slot games, ensuring that they communicate with the player by maximizing animations and interaction.

What we offer
A great career prospect, highly competitive salary and an opportunity to travel and be mentored by trade experts of top international caliber (+ weekly English lessons, bonus package)

* BS or equivalent in Computer Science
* Strong C++
* Good Communication skills working closely with game designers
* Strong DirectX (2d and 3d)
* Experience with game engines or middleware
* Experience with MS Visual Studio
* Previous games experience
* Networking/Multiplayer programming
* Intermediate English